1. Only the clients that have been booked prior to your arrival are allowed to enter our chalet. For this reason you will be asked to provide your ID card or passport. You will be asked to sign our Accommodation Book. The owner of the property is responsible for your data protection, for children its their guardian.
2. The bill for your reservation and the other costs will be paid upon your arrival.
3. You can find our price list on our website and inside the chalet.
4. Letting for our chalet unless otherwise agreed commences from 15.00 pm – 19.00 pm, and finishes at 10.00 o’clock on the day of your departure.
5. You are prohibited to smoke inside the chalet. If you wish to smoke we ask our clients to do so outside (BBQ area). Please take care and consider the risk of smoking near a wooden chalet plus the cost of possible fire/smoke damage.
6. We ask our clients to change footwear before entering our chalet, or to clean your shoes. Due to the choice of flooring we recommend you bring slippers. Entering the chalet in sport shoe wear – boots, ski boots etc, is not allowed.
7. It is necessary to keep the noise down in between the hours of 23.00 pm – 6.00 am
8. The client has the right to use the chalet and its contents. It is in your own interest to make sure the working order of the accommodation and its contents and let the owner know if there is a problem as soon as possible. Any problems contact us.
9. Don’t make any changes to the contents, make adjustments or make changes to the electrical appliances
10. We ask our clients prior to them leaving the chalet to make sure all electrical appliances are switched off as are the lights, the taps are switched off, the windows are shut and the front door is locked.
11. If you manage to lose the key you will be given a set and charged 50,- Eur
12.. It is prohibited to invite visitors and allow them to use the premises without the approval of the owner.
13. It is not safe to leave children under 12 years old without the supervision of an adult, in case of an accident the person responsible is his/hers guardian
14. In case of an accident or illness you need to contact the owner or a health institute directly.
15. The bedding, towels, tea towels, blankets and throws are all clean and undamaged. There are there for you to use during your stay, if you wish to have an change of any you will pay extra.
16. Our chalet offers parking for our clients, it is not secured.
17. There are separate bins for your rubbish, please use them. (plastic, glass and the rest)
18. The client is responsible to leave the chalet in its original state on the day of departure, we ask our clients to wash up dirty dishes, put garden furniture away, tidy up the toys in the children area)
19. Pets are welcome but you have to inform us if you are bringing a pet. Pets are not allowed to be left alone, they are not allowed to sleep on the beds, washed inside or be fed inside the premises. The owner of the pet is responsible for the damage it might cause.
20. Clients staying in the chalet agree to the owner of the property entering it and the rooms for maintenance purposes.
21. The owner is not responsible for the damage caused to the clients property.
22. The damage caused in the property by the clients, is the clients responsibility.
23. At the beginning of your stay you will not be asked to give a retainer, prior to your departure you need to point out the damage / breakage of any of the property for which you will pay in full.
24. These rules of accommodation are available inside the chalet, on the internet and you will be informed about these by the owner when you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of your stay upon your arrival. If you are not aware of these rules that is still not an excuse to not obey the rules.
25. In the case of breaking of the rules the owner has the right to terminate your stay prior to its agreed departure, ask you to pay for the damage caused to the interior or exterior of the chalet..