Here is a list of caves for you to consider visiting, click on the website link for more information

Demanovska Cave of Freedom

Is one of the most beautiful and most visited caves in Slovakia. Very rich in shapes, colours, pools and other forms make this cave a must to see. You can find it in the Northern side of Nizke Tatry National Park. Website

Demanovska Ice Cave

Is located 2km from the Demanovska Cave of Freedom, North of the Nizke Tatry. Ice fills have been formed in the cave over the last 500 years, filled with odd and majestic shapes. Website

Vazecka Cave

Is located on the edge of Vazec county, between Liptovsky Mikulas and Poprad. This is the most popular cave in the North of Slovakia. In length it is among the shortest show caves, it is known for its rich dripstone decorations, remarkable findings of cave bear bones, as well as by rare cave fauna. Website

Harmanecka Cave

Is located in the Velka Fatra region. It was discovered in 1932. White soft flowstone dominates the cave and it is one of the most important localities of bat occurrences in Slovakia. Website