We have listed a number of activities available for you, mostly situated in Terchova or in the county of Zilina. We hope that they will help you organize your stay in our chalets.

Wooden raft on the river Vah

The trip is 7 km long in the Strecno area. Experience the area from another perspective, you will be able to see castle ruins, be amazed by the flora and fauna of the area. Website

Wooden raft on the river Orava

This trip will take you along the river Orava offering you a spectacular view of Oravsky castle and the surrounding area, the castle is the symbol of the region of Orava. Website

Rope park in Terchova

Is situated by Terchova football field, near the centre of the village. If you are looking for a sporting challenge in a natural environment try this activity. Website


Is located in Terchova, offers you a wide range of ways to relax. The centre is divided into two sectors. Sector A has saunas and swimming pool, Sector B has a tennis court, bowling, billiards. Website


Tandem flights over the county of Zilina, have an unforgettable experience with the help of qualified instructors. Website

Cycle touring

Whether you are a cycling enthusiast or a hobbyist, Terchova offers a great range of cycling tracks. Before you embark on any cycle trips in the Mala Fatra Park area it is in your best interest to obtain a cycle map, available from our accommodation or any information office or kiosk.

Available for download is an application which consist of cycling tracks for this region.

  • Round trip Žilina-Straník-Radoľa
  • Round trip Žilina-Dolná Tižina-Lysica
  • Terchová-Vrátna
  • Round trip Terchová-Vadičov-Belá
  • Round trip Terchová-Mravečník-Zjazdárska
  • Oravská cyklotrasa


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Jazdenie na koňoch

Vo Vyšných Kamencoch máte možnosť si zajazdiť na koňoch. Môžete sa prihlásiť do školy jazdenia, ísť na vychádzku do prírody alebo ísť na okruh. ďalšou možnosťou je prihlásiť sa do denného letného tábora. V areáli sa nachádza aj mini ZOO.