During winter months, bad weather or if you are not sure where to go safely we advise you to ring the Mountain Rescue on 18 300 and they will give you neccessary details. Before you embark on any walks in the Mala Fatra Park area it is in your best interest to obtain a walkers map, several are available from any information office or kiosk. The main walks are colour coded on all these maps..


Vrátna Dolina and Malá Fatra

Vratna is a resort in Mala Fatra, which has been in existence as a National Park since 1988. The highest peak is Velky Krivan 1709m above sea level. Vratna is surrounded by peaks, Boboty, Velky Rozsutec, Stoh, Poludnovy Grun, Chleb, Velky Krivan, Kraviarske, Baraniarky and Sokolie. Access to some of these peaks can be made on foot or by taking the cabin lift from Vratna to Chleb. In summer it is a walkers paradise, routes are colour coded. In winter a range of slopes are open for you during the skiing season, some which have a combination of artificial and natural snow. The area is suitable for skiing, snowboarding, alpine touring, cross-country skiing and walking. While you are out and about you will find many places that offer a range of drinks and food and even accommodation during your stay..


Positioned at the beginning of Vratna – Mala Fatra National Park, surrounded by huge rocky faces and the river Varinka, running through on one side with waterfalls. Look around you and in the rock faces you will see many characters, the best most known one is probably the kneeling monk. Obsivanka which is part of Tiesnavy is a recorded nest site for eagles (Aquila chrysaetos ) plus full of protected flora and fauna.

Turistické trasy

Janosikove Diery - divided into three parts Dolne Diery, Horne Diery and Nove Diery. A stream that has helped to form them over many years still runs through the ravine.

There are about 20 waterfalls and the rocky faces that have taken years to form offer home to many plants, flowers and creatures. Enter Diery from Stefanova or Biely Potok.
Dolne Diery offers an information board to guide you through the area, it has two small waterfalls, is an easy route, suitable for families with children.
Horne Diery positioned between Velky and Maly Rozsutec, offers 9 waterfalls, ranging from 2 – 4 m, not suitable during bad weather, they have ladders and chains to help you on the way. Not open during winter, a difficult walk.
Nove Diery offers 4 waterfalls from 1-2 m, they were the last to open to tourists hence the name Nove Diery – New Diery. Very nice walk, it is well worth doing all these routes, just be well dressed and enjoy the walk

Boboty - start at the car park in Tiesnavy climb a steep track on the east side of the river leading to the summit of Boboty (1086m), it finishes in Janosikove Diery. Boboty is a ridge running south of Terchova that goes from Tiesnavy to Stefanova.

Sokolie - 1171.5m, start in the Tiesnavy car park, cross the road and climb the west side, walk through the rocky mountains, steep terrain, into beech woodlands. Amazing scenery, lovely walk, once at the top it divides into 3 different routes. Short route goes down to Hotel pod Sokolím, longer walk goes to Sedlo Príslop or a walk that continues on West Vysne Kamence, Zbojnícky chodník.

Zbojnicky chodnik - or in translation the Robbers track, starts in Tiesnavy, follow the same route as for Sokolie but once at the top you will change tracks towards Obsivanka, then you will go through a valley Podolina, which will lead you into Vysne Kamence. The views are amazing, well worth the walk.

Maly Rozsutec - positioned on the eastern side of the Mala Fatra Park, 1345,5m,The easiest way up is from Stefanova. Offers lovely views, a few chains are positioned on the way up to guide you along the route. Good boots necessary.

Velky Rozsutec - positioned on the eastern side of the Mala Fatra Park, 1609m, close to Maly Rozsutec. Many people favour Velky Rozsutec, it is a very interesting climb, very varied, the walk to it is very picturesque. It is said that there is a hidden treasure in Velky Rozsutec, which Juro Janosik (local hero) was supposed to have hidden there many years ago.
There are chains to guide you along the route, in winter the route to Velky Rozsutec is closed. Magnificent views, gets very busy in summer.

Poludnovy Grun - 1460m, well known for its ski slope and Chata na Gruni, which offers refreshments, food and accommodation. Start from Vratna, walk towards Chata na Gruni, once you have regained your strength continue towards Poludnovy Grun. Although a very steep climb it is well worth it, as the views from the top are just astonishing. From there you can walk along the main ridge and to Chleb, Snilovske Sedlo then take the cabin down or walk the other way onto Stoh, Velky Rozsutec.

Chleb - the third highest mountain in the Mala Fatra Park, 1645,6m. It also offers beautiful views into the surrounding areas and countries such as Poland. You can also take the route to Chata pod Chlebom, where it is possible to have a drink or something to eat. It is an easy route for a family with children. Elevations of the cabin from 740 m – 1490m.

Kraviarske - a beautiful area in which you can find blueberries or cranberries, lovely walk through the forest and then through the ridge. You can also cheat and take the cabin, from there you can take a route to Kraviarske. Easy walk.

Velky Krivan - the highest peak in the Mala Fatra Park measuring 1709m. Its nearest peaks are Chleb, Snilovske Sedlo, from the other side it is Pekelnik at 1609m and the saddles of Bublen. The route to the peak is very easy, take the cabin, walk to Snilovske Sedlo and from there to Velky Krivan. Beautiful flora and fauna will surround you on your way up. Amazing views will be waiting for you when you reach the top.